Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Saint Peter is a collaborative team ministry with a host of support ministries available to provide immediate and ongoing care for our members. Pastor Jason along with our Parish Nurse leads the team and directs and communicates needs to the support ministries.  Pastoral care is available to all members when the need arises but at Saint Peter we believe that all members are responsible for participating in this ministry. To request Pastoral Care please contact the church office at 910-457-5604.

Shepherding Ministry

At Saint Peter we have a unique model of caring for one another. Our congregation is divided into Flocks and each Flock has a Shepherd liaison that communicates needs of our families in that Flock.  Support is provided and needs are met within the Flock and support ministries are added as needed. A Lead Shepherd watches over all Flocks and coordinates needs with the Shepherd of each Flock.

Parish Nurses

The Parish Nurses are experienced registered nurses who function as members of the church to promote health and wellness through education and development of needed ministries.  They work closely with our Pastor and Shepherds on a daily basis to assure that all needs are being met.  They use an approach that seeks to unite care for one’s body, mind and spirit.  They minister to members at church, in their homes, hospitals, hospice care and other care facilities.  The Lead Parish Nurse also trains volunteers to assist other members with health-related needs and is a key member of the Health Ministry.  You may contact Wendy McKernan at the church office.

Health Ministry

The Health Ministry at Saint Peter is a vital and important part of our congregation.  Caring for one another grew in importance during the pandemic, and we are no less vigilant now in watching out for each other’s welfare.  This ministry educates and motivates members toward health maintenance and disease prevention, and offers support when making health care decisions.  In addition to our staff nurses, we have a Health Cabinet that assesses the needs of the congregation, and also develops ministries and programs that facilitate and encourage health and healing.